Local Community


We have created this webpage in an effort to provide you, as our local residents, with as much information as possible about the forthcoming Airshow

Detailed below are a number of points we hope you will find useful..

Traffic Management

Working in conjunction with Hampshire Constabulary, Hampshire County Council and Rushmoor Borough Council we implement a comprehensive traffic management plan to get Airshow visitors in and out of the town as quickly as possible without affecting local traffic.   Please see maps below which relate to Specific Traffic Management areas:

Whilst we are aware that this may not be possible for all local residents, to minimise any inconvenience to yourself, we recommend  you travel outside the busy periods as indicated on the traffic management plan, seek alternative routes from the very first day of the show to get  to and from your destination and allow some extra travel time.

During the Public Weekend, the A323 Fleet Road and Aldershot Road will be closed to traffic during the period of the flying display (12.00 – 17:30), after that a one-way system will be in operation to get Airshow visitors out of the show and on the homeward journey as quickly as possible.

Traffic information is also available to view at Rushmoor Borough Council Offices during normal opening hours or via their website here  

Road closure 9th-25th July 


With the event being located in a residential location, we are aware that some visitors to the show park in the local streets as opposed to the designated car parks under the false assumption that they can enter and exit the town more quickly.  We make every effort to discourage visitors to the show from doing this and positively encourage travel by public transport as a more efficient means of getting to and from the show.

Please note that as the surrounding roads are public highways; Farnborough International Ltd is not responsible for the enforcement of road regulations. The organisers work with Hampshire Police and Rushmoor Borough Council to keep disruption to local residents to a minimum.

Traffic Marshals

CSP Traffic Marshals have been employed to assist with the flow of traffic through the town.  If you witness any traffic issues that are impeding your travel please alert one of the team.

If you are unable to speak to a CSP Traffic Marshal, please contact us via the telephone number or email address below:

Tel: 01252 532800
Email: [email protected]


Unfortunately, noise is unavoidable. Flying display information is available to view here. This should allow you to plan your day to minimise any disruption you may experience to your usual scheduled activities. If you have any pets sensitive to loud noise then we would recommend you put in place the same procedures you use for fireworks events. 

Local Residents ticket offer

As a Farnborough resident, you are entitled to the Local Resident’s Buy One Get One Free Ticket Offer.  We wrote to all GU14 residents back in November 2017 with details on how to claim your tickets and your promotional code.  You can claim your tickets right up until midnight on Saturday 21st July.  If for any reason you have not received your letter, please contact us at: [email protected] and we will reissue your letter.

You can view FAQs here